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History of Tarot - LIVE Training Session

Did You Know Tarot:

- Originated in Europe as artwork?  - Was a card game?  - Has been and still is misunderstood? - Is known for "fortune telling", but is also a tool for self-enlightenment?

** This is registration for a LIVE online training session. November 26th, 2019 at 7:30pm MT**

Join me for a walk down memory lane, as we explore the history of Tarot, when it zigged instead of zagging and why you might reconsider your understanding of Tarot. 

This is an online presentation that will illustrate the history, variations and symbolism we know today. 

Readers of all levels invited and welcome. Bring your cards (though not required) and set aside an hour for our session, with an optional 15 minute Q/A, afterwards. 

An exclusive video link for a LIVE session will be sent by email, prior to class. Please be sure to use a current and maintained email address. 

Please register ONLY if, you: 

- Have a genuine interest in the topic. 

- Would like to further educate yourself on an often misunderstood aspect of history. 

- Will use legit contact info.  


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History of Tarot - Online Class

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Note:  After purchase, you will receive a link for a live tarot lesson for TUESDAY -  November 26, 2019 at 7:30p MT.

This session will be approximately 60 mins with 15 mins afterwards, for Q/A.