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About Me

Many people have the preconception that Tarot is about fortune-telling and often fear its messages and the negative associations of symbols and general beliefs.  I have been reading Tarot for over 10 years, and believe educating others on the benefits of Tarot is essential.  Tarot began as a card game in the 1500s and dramatically evolved again in the 1900s.  It is my charter to support your personal transformation and enlightenment through the use of Tarot and other methods of self awareness.

I host weekly Facebook Live shows, a weekly podcast, offer guidance through multiple directories and am currently offering online and in-person classes about the history of Tarot.  

About Us

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Weekly Podcast


In order to provide enlightenment and personal insight, I have partnered with New Age Guild, an organization that verifies life coaches and other such healing Practitioners.  

Tune in to my weekly show, which discusses personal growth, history of numerology, tarot and other enlightening practices.

Every Wednesday at 8p MT.

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